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wynand's News

Posted by wynand - July 19th, 2009

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Heres the link to Astro buggers off on youtube=) if you'd be so kind to rate or comment =) thank you for your support

lots of love, the scary type that causes restaining orders =P

Missing old skool cartoons?

Posted by wynand - April 22nd, 2009

The electric pencil sharpener fell silent and I glanced down and came to a sudden realization, my life exists on the edge of this rather dilapidated but freshly sharpened red animation pencil, and inbetween still frames of intriguing motion capable of being analyzed, manipulated and inevitably mastered.

This art labeled animation further evolves into entertainment with no boundaries nor restrictions. So animation to me, inevitably leads to freedom. And I smiled as I itched underneath the shackle binding my rather used red animation pencil to my person.

Check out my sketchbook in motiongraphic o visionoooowww =)

My streetfighter collab entry
reviews and votes are very much appreciated =)
or below, on the tube =)

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90'c cartoon collab piece

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My inner child

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I'v been on newgrounds from the young age of 12-13 and it has been the creative foundation for what was first a hobby, and has flurished into the path i've decided to walk for the rest of my life.

Have a peek at all my stuff at www.willva.com =)

Don't get sick of me to soon =)
lots of soft tender caring love -will

An Animated life?

Posted by wynand - April 6th, 2009

SuperNova Brisbane 2009
Yaaaay this weekend was my very first comic convention experience, To comemorate the poping of the cherry rather than taking my sketchbook to get critiqued i desided to get some photos with all the cosplay characters =) was defnitly good fun and i sugest you head over to my blog and watch all the photos'sits no ComicCon i guess but still good fun =) and i enjoyed the hell out of it.

Especially all the pretty girls Delicious! =) hehe good old SuperNova 2009
till next time

ComicCon for Australia, Supernova! yumyum

Posted by wynand - March 19th, 2009

My advanced diploma of animation is going great and its good fun, favourite part probably being the company of all the other animators =)

Assignment: Words of wisdom

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(visit the Newgrounds submission if you got any advice or critique =) thanx)

Iv also been busy creating a new blogspot with stuff being added constantly =) good fun, maybe worth a look eh eh =)

Also been drawing a hell of a lot, completed sketch book 9 just yesterday, but i know its not the number of sketch books that count but what you can do, so here's a teaser i quite like =)
my site again =)
good one to you and yours =)

Animation skool =)

Posted by wynand - January 17th, 2009

Right so working out the NG levels, it would take about 14 years of voting every single day to get anywhere..... how is this even remotly realistic.
365 days in a year so if you voted every day thats 3650, about 50,000 points to get anywhere (or at least to the final NG secret, TOMS BALLS =P) thats a total of 13.7 years. WTF and why so long, This is my 9th year on NG, 5th signed up and lvl 15 is a disapointment.
who is going to spend 14 years voting on ng submissions all their life?? can we get more point for submitting flashes and getting decent scores, there should be more to the system, its slower that leveling to 80 on wow and that takes a millenium by itself.
Be realistic!
What do you think?

Tom Fulp's balls!!

Posted by wynand - November 4th, 2008

no not really, but i was trying to be when i recored the sound for this hehe
its jst a storyboard but i still feel i got the movment and camera techniques down alright =)


Posted by wynand - September 20th, 2008

"Learning to capture Gesture in your drawings" (long title huh lol) is now out on my blog so check it out. Basically how to learn how to draw part 2 and gives links and ways to do things which will get you drawing naked people in no time =P

Secrets to drawing Part1

Posted by wynand - September 11th, 2008

Just finished writing learning to learn how to draw over on the tutorials section of willscollection for anyone interested in learning how to draw and improve their drawing and illustration ability at least 10xfold.
=D enjoy

learning to learn how to draw

Posted by wynand - September 5th, 2008

just started my willscollection blog, which i have sofar uploaded a few of my life drawing sketches and will add bits and pieces of animation as i go along, alo planning to write a tutorial or two, more of a start learning how to draw course =) but yeahc check it out willscollection.blogspot.com

willscollection blog

Posted by wynand - August 28th, 2008

Don't you just love, the young dumber newgrounds population, id be struck for boredom without their immature stupid little ways. Right so an example is probably needed

Re: Fuck You Ass Hole Go Suck A ...

At 8/26/08 11:48 AM, Khensley wrote:
: Youtube is for A Bunch Of Fucking Gay AssHoles Like You!!!!!!!!!

right so if you don't know this twatbag has been submitting video of some guy dancing with a scary movie mask. so i told him to go to youtube which is where uncreative non animtionwise things go.. otherwise knows as web polution. now i just love little imature brats like this guy because he seems to get angry at everyone who gives him negative feedback. hes got one submission in the portal lol the rest has all been blamed, so good to see other people see that he doesn't belong here and that his ideas are pure shit. so if your reading this go start a youtube acount you lazy uncreative funboy, Ng is for animation not your polution, id email you back but you blocked me cause your to cowardly to allow for a comeback


Don't you just LOVE