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wynand's News

Posted by wynand - November 4th, 2011

So here is David Attenborough detailing the mysterious willvasaurus.

Or with medals here http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

And some mindless violence =) what more could you need.

As always
much love, both cliché and experimental

Dino loving

Posted by wynand - June 1st, 2011

New cartoon with medals =) http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

I decided there wasn't enough flash cartoons about people fighting to the death, I mean really you'd think someone would have tapped this type of cartoon by now...

Hamstercake is the musician who did the score for "a battle to the death" and he did an amazing job! He is exceedingly talented and it was a great pleasure to work with him =)
Go show Hamstercake some love =)

The Youtube version is running a competition to Win some LOON art. He's a street artist mate of myne who decided to give me a lot of his crap, so a competition is my elegant method of ridding myself of it.

Simply be subscribed to my youtube and favourite the gladiator cartoon and you'll go in the draw to win some SPRAYPAINT ART =) I'll pay for base postage and so, all details are HERE

And yes now that I have sufficiently bored you with my rabble I wish you a good day and disappear into obscurity once more.

Much love

Gladiator fights you SAY! how original!

Posted by wynand - April 28th, 2011

Update: Big thanks to Nevermind for scouting me =)

Hello there, I would be very appreciative if someone could scout me into the art portal so I can also join in on the artsy collaborative lunacy =)

Just check my art page, although more empty than full, there is much room for new creations

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/wyn and/viko-the-viking

Also for anyone interested, My new cartoon is almost complete, just some music and coding bits to sort and then it'll be complete =) I know I'm excited


Artsy fartsy

Posted by wynand - February 18th, 2011

RAAAWR like an animated dinosaur should =P =D


Posted by wynand - January 30th, 2011

This year I plan to submit at least 4 submissions to good old NG =)
My goal being to create entertaining content =)

The first submission is

...How could I make it better/ more entertaining? Leave me a comment/review =)

And I'm working on a new sketchbook submission which will replace my previous sketchbook submission

And then 2 bigger secret projects =) I'm aiming to have one done half way through the year and the other by new years =).
These will be longer and hopefully of much higher quality and entertainment value, And ofcourse better than my last film DigitalPrison

All the while I'll be studying my bachelor of animation at Griffith university =)
Exciting times =)

thanx for reading
much love, both soft and hard

2011 cartoons

Posted by wynand - December 30th, 2010

Ah yes goodbye 2010
2010 made me the joyful owner of a Advance diploma of AAAAANNNNIIImation =). And i'm looking forward to my bachelors next year.

So less chitchat and get to the crap ive created

/* */
This is the NEWGROUNDS VERSION and it has medals! =) can you find Jesus? CAN YOU??

Astro buggers off

/* */
or HERE for the Newgrounds version

Bisons Ass NSFW yes

/* */
Or here for NG

My Sketchbook from a few years ago... it has nice music :) HERE
i've been working on a new one ;) for all the strange perverts who really liked this one ;) haha

Ah yes goodbye 2010
tis was fun
and thank you Newgrounds i promise to visit more often and try to provide some weird and wonderful :)

much love and wishing you all a happy 2011

now to go play some more minecraft :3

Posted by wynand - November 22nd, 2010

/* */
And here's the high quality NEWGROUNDS version =)

Posted by wynand - November 17th, 2010

Took 6 months it did =)


take a peak and let me know what you think =)


DigitalPrison is finally complete =D

Posted by wynand - September 20th, 2010

Wel i'm excited, i've been working on this film for the past 6 months or so and i'm happy to see some progress coming from it =).

This is the updated film =)
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/f2 f9a043437b638dd538d069460224af

Any critiques on the film is welcome at http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/11 81892. Hearing what people thought, understood and didn't understand is a big help and is greatly appreciated =)

thank you

Version19 of Digital Prisim

Posted by wynand - July 13th, 2010

I'm an animation student and thus far this year inbetween other things IV stated a short film and I'm in need of someone savvy at creating music and someone for sound.

This here is a ruff animated outline of the film thusfar
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/dc fa18d797e9b88de199705116056be5

Scenes will still be shortened and cut to stay interesting so this remains a ruff.

I had a jazzy type of sad ambience in mind for the start up until where the main character's digital visor runs out of battery. Then a happier tune for the rest of the film.
But creative freedom is that of the musician's.

The film is basically a contemporary commentary on the way in which digital technology is influencing our world and the social aspects there in.

Any critique is also welcome =)
thank you

Looking for music talent =)