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Entry #30

Dragon Ball Z IN 33 styles!

2013-07-12 20:17:20 by wynand

It has taken some 3 months to smash this monster together, an attempt to animate 33 different styles into one cartoon =).
Watch DBZ in 33 DifferentStyles

Let me know what you think =)


Dragon Ball Z IN 33 styles!


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2013-07-12 20:52:57

I liked it a lot! You managed to draw those different styles really well and if somebody would watch it without reading the description they could very likely think that it is a huge collab of those animators, well worth the 5 stars.

Something that I in general noticed though is that pretty much none Dragonball Z parodies are based on the Buu saga. I think that Buu and his different forms bring enough potential to make a funny animation and it could help to refresh the staleness that one could feel when watching DBZ parodies that mainly revolve around either Vegeta or Frieza.

Thanks for uploading your amazing stuff on Newgrounds :)


2013-07-12 21:05:11

Have salt ninja voice every character


2013-07-19 00:52:32